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Glup baby products and nothing else.

Practical and simple accessories wholly made in Canada available in a large selection of colors. Incomparable quality products for innovative and original gifts.

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Congratulations to our Glup Star of the month, Léane, 14 months. Clic here to send us your picture.

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Glup is proud to help raise money for OLO Foundation. Glup gives back 20% of it's profits for the "Bébé engagé" drool bibs

You can also contribute by making a donation at The philanthropic project suggests that you "make" a newborn or a soon to be born baby, a "Bébé engagé" with a donation in it's name to OLO

The "Bébé engagé" drool bib : we keep them or we give them to the new family for a special occasion such as : birth, baby shower, christening or birthday !

The OLO Foundation aims to give children an equal chance in life ; the chance to be born healthy.

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